Summer is here, and with it comes sunshine, warm weather, and plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature – especially in Colorado. However, while spending time in the sun can be fun, it’s important to protect your skin from potential harmful effects. Excessive sun exposure may cause skin damage, premature aging, and even skin cancer. 

To keep your skin healthy and safe this summer, make sure to follow these essential tips for sun protection. By following these simple tips, you can enjoy the sun safely and reduce your risk of sun damage and skin cancer. Remember to wear your sunscreen (and don’t forget your neck and chest), wear a UV protective hat, and avoid putting on retinol before going in the sun. With these tips in mind, you can enjoy all that summer has to offer without worrying about the harmful effects of the sun on your skin.

1. Wear Your Sunscreen (Don’t Forget Neck and Chest)

One of the most important things you can do to protect your skin from the sun is to wear sunscreen every day. Sunscreen acts as a barrier between your skin and the harmful UV rays of the sun. When choosing a sunscreen, look for one with a high SPF (at least 30) and broad-spectrum protection (which means it protects against both UVA and UVB rays). Apply it generously and make sure to cover all exposed skin, including your face, neck, chest, arms, and legs. Don’t forget to reapply every two hours, or more frequently if you’re sweating or swimming.

It’s also important to remember that your neck and chest are just as susceptible to sun damage as your face. Many people forget to apply sunscreen to these areas, which can lead to premature aging and wrinkles. To avoid this, make sure to apply sunscreen to your neck and chest as well, or wear clothing that covers these areas.

2. Wear a Hat or Visor

Another great way to protect your skin from the sun is to wear a hat or visor to block the sun from reaching delicate skin such as your face. A hat with a wide brim can provide shade for your face, neck, and shoulders, and can also help protect your scalp from sunburn (which can be painful and even dangerous). Look for a hat that has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating, which means it provides extra protection against UV rays. A UPF rating of 50+ is ideal.

When choosing a hat, consider the material as well. A hat made of a lightweight, breathable fabric like cotton or linen can help keep you cool and comfortable, while also providing protection from the sun. Plus, you can find plenty of cute styles to match any fun summer outfit!

spf protection

3. Don’t Put on Retinol Before Going in the Sun

Retinol is a popular skincare ingredient that has many benefits, including reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin texture. However, it’s important to be careful when using retinol during the summer months, as it can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Retinol works by increasing cell turnover, which can make your skin more susceptible to sunburn and sun damage. If you’re using a retinol product, make sure to apply it at night and avoid using it before going outside during the day. If you do use a retinol product during the day, make sure to apply a sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin and keep the area covered with clothing or a hat.

More Tips to Keep Skin Safe During Summer

In addition to these tips, there are a few other things you can do to protect your skin from the sun. For example, try to avoid spending time outside during the hottest parts of the day (usually between 10a m and 4pm), when the sun’s rays are the strongest. If you do go outside during these times, make sure to wear protective clothing, seek shade, and reapply sunscreen frequently. It’s also important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and to eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, which can help protect your skin from the inside out.

In addition to protecting your skin from the sun, it’s important to keep an eye on any changes in your skin. If you notice any new or changing moles, spots, or other abnormalities, it’s important to get them checked out by a dermatologist. Early detection is key to treating skin cancer, and regular skin exams can help ensure that any potential issues are caught early.

Dr. Anne Bode’s Best Sunscreen Recommendation

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Protecting your skin from the sun is crucial for maintaining healthy skin and preventing long-term damage. By wearing sunscreen, wearing a UV protective hat, and avoiding applying retinol before being in the sun, you can enjoy all the summer fun while keeping your skin safe.

Finally, don’t forget that sun protection is important year-round, not just during the summer months. Even on cloudy or overcast days, UV rays can still penetrate the skin and cause damage. Make sunscreen, protective clothing, and hats a part of your daily routine, and you’ll be well on your way to healthy, radiant skin for years to come. Remember, when it comes to sun protection, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, stay safe and enjoy the sunshine responsibly!