We love Memberships. Don’t you?!

Grey Members get 10% off chemical peels, products, and $10.50/unit Botox and $4.25/unit Dysport $99 per month.

Blush Members get 10% off services(lasers, facials, peels, microneedling) and products, $30 off 1 syringe of filler*, and $9.99/unit Botox and $4.00/unit Dysport  $199 per month.

Both memberships require an initial 4 month commitment.  The money paid every month will stay in the account and can be used on products or services and they money never disappears.  So, if you pay $199/month but do not come in for 4 months your account will accumulate $796 that will be there for you to use when you are ready.