At Blush & Grey we tailor each facial and skin care treatment to the individual.  

The benefits provided by medical grade facials with tailored, expert analysis are plentiful.  A properly performed facial:

  • Increases blood flow
  • Stimulates cell renewal
  • Refines texture and tone of the skin
  • Promotes normal oil gland functioning and fluid balance
  • Improves skin quality (softness, suppleness).
  • Collagen stimulation
  • Exfoliates (removes dead skin cells)
  • Removes milia and blemishes
  • Increases absorption of active medical grade products
  • Hydrates (my favorite in our Colorado Springs environment!)

Facials can be tailored to your individual skin care needs: antiaging, pigmentation, acne, and hydration.  The skin is the largest organ of the body and it deserves proper attention!

Champagne Glow – $149

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, no two facials should be either! The Champagne Glow Facial begins with our skilled estheticians thoroughly evaluating your skin and your skin care goals. With her expertise she will then apply the optimal combination of therapies to maximize the health and natural glow of your skin. Both physical (dermaplane) and chemical exfoliation, as well as extractions and hydration, are all included in this comprehensive treatment. Your face will be ready to celebrate!

DiamondGlow – $ 179

The patented DiamondGlow™ facial technology uses diamond tips to gently exfoliate the skin while cleansing deeply to remove debris. After an initial consultation, through specific serums designed to lighten and brighten the skin, fight acne or target the fine lines of aging. DIamondGlow™ targets and treats skin ailments all while infusing much needed moisture into the deep layers of the skin. The result is rejuvenated, hydrated skin with a luminous glow. This facial will change the way you feel about your skin!

DiamondGlow++ – $225

The DiamondGlow™ ++ facial is so amazing that we could not stop at just one (+)! Prior to your fabulous DiamondGlow™ treatment and after your initial consultation, a dermaplane will be performed as an additional exfoliation step (think smooth skin!). Then, either a luxurious face mask/massage treatment, or a 10-minute LED red light therapy session will complete your skin rejuvenating session. The choice is yours!

Post Care Instructions

Blush Glow – $399

This treatment offers expert skin exfoliation while adding the collagen stimulating effects of our gentle Blush laser. Blush Glow provides an opportunity to indulge yourself and discover the incredible benefits of layered therapies as a part of your skin regimen. You can experience the smooth skin that only a dermaplane can achieve, coupled with the infusion of medical grade products into the skin as the warm laser heat opens pores and treats the underlying tissues. Choose to finish your treatment with either a face mask/massage or a therapeutic 10-minute LED red light session. You will not regret this choice!

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JoAnne has changed my skin from the inside out with her expert recommendations and attention to detail. She really cares about my results. This is more than a facial. It is a thoughtfully crafted treatment plan. My skin has never been so radiant.

Allie B.