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Blush & Grey – The Best Clinic for Lip Filler in Colorado Springs

Are you dreaming of plump, luscious lips that enhance your natural beauty? Look no further than Blush and Grey Med Spa, the leading destination for lip fillers in Colorado Springs. Our team of experienced practitioners is dedicated to providing you with safe, personalized, and exceptional lip augmentation treatments using the renowned Restylane and Juvéderm [...]

Blush & Grey – The Best Clinic for Lip Filler in Colorado Springs2023-07-24T20:04:33+00:00

5 Med Spa Treatments Perfect for Colorado Brides

Planning a wedding can be both exciting and stressful for brides-to-be, and it's only natural to want to look and feel your absolute best on your big day. That's where med spa treatments come in, especially for those getting married in Colorado! Med spas offer a range of non-invasive procedures that can enhance your [...]

5 Med Spa Treatments Perfect for Colorado Brides2023-07-24T20:06:29+00:00

Summer Sun Protection for Your Skin

Summer is here, and with it comes sunshine, warm weather, and plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature - especially in Colorado. However, while spending time in the sun can be fun, it's important to protect your skin from potential harmful effects. Excessive sun exposure may cause skin damage, premature aging, and [...]

Summer Sun Protection for Your Skin2023-05-22T20:23:41+00:00

Vivace: The Revolutionary Microneedling Treatment

We’re all just trying to look and feel our best, but as we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a youthful appearance. Fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin can be a source of frustration for many people. Fortunately, there is a solution: Vivace radiofrequency microneedling treatment. Vivace is a revolutionary, non-surgical treatment that [...]

Vivace: The Revolutionary Microneedling Treatment2023-04-25T17:18:35+00:00

Unlocking the Secrets to Glowing Skin and Wrinkle Prevention

Most people, especially women, desire flawless skin that exudes confidence and beauty. Wrinkles are a natural part of aging, but there are many preventative measures you can take now to reduce their appearance later on. Discover top wrinkle prevention tips and techniques to keep your skin looking younger longer. Laser Skin Treatment Laser skin [...]

Unlocking the Secrets to Glowing Skin and Wrinkle Prevention2023-04-25T16:09:42+00:00

DiamondGlow Facial: Experience the Glow

Known as an advanced skin resurfacing treatment, the DiamondGlow Facial has become extremely popular in recent years and is one of our favorite treatments at Blush and Grey. Many people refer to the DiamondGlow Facial as a luxurious skincare treatment. If you have a big event coming up or want an instant glow, consider [...]

DiamondGlow Facial: Experience the Glow2023-02-09T21:48:18+00:00

Botox for Beginners: Guide to Natural Looking Botox

Scientifically known as botulinum toxin, Botox is a facial rejuvenation treatment that has gained a reputation for producing profound results. It is one of the most requested and popular cosmetic procedures that improve facial appearance and reduce wrinkles. Other than working wonders to keep the face flawless and help maintain a youthful complexion, Botox [...]

Botox for Beginners: Guide to Natural Looking Botox2022-11-17T17:08:32+00:00

Ways to Save at Blush & Grey Med Spa in Colorado Springs

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are searching for ways to save on all our favorite things. At Blush & Grey in Colorado Springs, we offer several ways to save on our med spa services! Our services include treatments for the face and body such as Botox and Dysport injectables, laser skin [...]

Ways to Save at Blush & Grey Med Spa in Colorado Springs2022-10-26T16:00:53+00:00

What Are Medical Grade Skincare Products?

Aging and other severe environmental variables significantly impact skin health and outward appearance. In addition to improving and protecting the skin's appearance, a good skincare routine also helps prevent any further skin harm. Medical-grade skin care products have more active quality ingredients than those you can buy in drugstores. When used regularly, these products [...]

What Are Medical Grade Skincare Products?2022-10-26T15:33:44+00:00


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