Your skin is the largest organ in your body, protecting you against free radicals and sun exposure. In order to do its job well, your skin needs to maintain its integrity, hold moisture, and exterminate toxic elements. This is where the skin barrier comes in. The skin barrier is a complex system of proteins, lipids, and other molecules that form a protective barrier on the skin’s surface. It is responsible for holding moisture, keeping irritants out, regulating temperature, fighting bacteria, and producing natural oils. Knowing how the skin barrier works and how to keep the moisture barrier healthy is essential to keeping your skin looking and feeling its best.

Many things can damage your skin barrier, but over-washing, excessive exfoliating and too much UV exposure can rob the skin of its natural oils and physically alter the appearance of your skin. Over-washing your skin can upset its natural balance of oils. It also alters the pH level which can lead to the overproduction or underproduction of oils. If you dry out, or dehydrate, your face by using formulas that promote a dry, tight feeling on the surface, you weaken your body’s barrier against bacteria, viruses, and allergens. Over time this may lead to sensitivity or even eczema. If you have had excessive amounts of  sun damage without the protection of an SPF, dark spots from acne scarring become more apparent and fine lines and wrinkles can set in more deeply.. If your skin’s topmost protective layer gets damaged, try the following tricks to restore its functionality.

Make Your Skin Care Routine Simple

Many people follow complex, time-consuming skincare routines, which too often have more negative than positive effects on the skin barrier. A simpleskin barrier protection regime comprised of lightweight and effective cleansing, moisturizing, and hydrating products need less work and time to implement. In order to keep the skin feeling its best, and utilize your valuable time in the best way possible, you need to use products that are formulated to your skin type. Patience is also an important factor as you evaluate  if the results you are seeing are right for your skin.

The pH level of skin care products is also a factor.  Products that are in the range of the normal skin pH are more gentle on the skin and do not disturb the skin barrier as much.

If you need assistance in finding a skincare routine for your skin, talk to one of our professionals. We can help you build a daily skincare regime with the addition of regular visits to our medspa for professional help in maintaining healthy, radiant, and shining skin.

Watch Over Your Skin’s pH

Naturally, the skin barrier is somewhat acidic to store moisture and eradicate bacteria and pathogens. The skin will become red and flaky when the pH is off and too alkaline. If it becomes too acidic, your skin becomes more prone to inflammatory skin conditions, including acne and eczema.

A pH balance higher or lower than the recommended range indicates an underlying condition. Skin ailments of every type can disrupt the normal functioning  of your skin barrier. When the outermost skin layer cannot defend itself against microorganisms and exterior irritants, you become more susceptible to skin ailments.

You can balance your skin pH in several ways, including using a cream or toner with an acid or alkaline pH. Follow up with a sunscreen to lock in the products while keeping harmful pollutants and UV out. 

Use Plant Oils to Replenish the Barrier

Plant oils can freshen up the skin’s topmost layer, reinforcing it to prevent pore clogging and early aging signs. Clogged pores and wrinkles are unsightly and can cause blackheads, breakouts, and acne. Natural oils replenish the skin, protecting it from pollution and daily insults.

There are many benefits to refilling the skin’s topmost layer with plant-sourced herbs and oils, but it is important to research the ingredients of every product to avoid potential allergic reactions. You should be aware of adulterated oils containing toxic oils like triclosan and phenol. Consider using herbs and oils that moisturize and supplement your skin by providing essential fatty acids. The essential fatty acids in plant oils provide the building blocks for a moisture-rich moisturizing film on your skin.

Use Skincare Formulations with Ceramides

Ceramides are fatty molecules found naturally on our skin’s surface. They are a structural component of the lipid barrier, extending from the epidermis to the dermis. They are important for skin health because it defends the skin against pathogens. If you have itchy skin, acne-prone skin, or psoriasis-prone skin, using formulations containing ceramides might help relieve those symptoms.

Without adequate levels of ceramides, the skin will be unable to maintain its structural integrity or keep moisture from evaporating. The benefits of ceramide-infused skin care products include preventing the loss of natural ceramides, gentle cleansing that does not strip the skin, and optimizing your skin’s pH.

In addition, organically-formulated ceramides-infused skincare products contain no harsh chemicals, parabens, or sulfates. They are created specifically with the unique needs of those with sensitive skin and other related skin problems in mind.

In addition to maintaining fully functional and radiant skin, consider expertly analyzed facials and skincare treatments. Skincare and facial treatments offered in best-in-class med spas stimulate cell renewal, improve blood flow, and refine skin toning and texture. These treatments have amazing collagen stimulation, exfoliating and hydrating benefits. At Blush and Grey, we also offer useful education on how to take care of the skin and the benefits and applications of laser, facials, and Botox treatments. Let us help you boost the efficiency of your skin routine and get tips to keep your skin barrier at a peak condition. We are passionate about what we do and can’t wait to work with you!