As the holiday season approaches, many of us are searching for ways to save on all our favorite things. At Blush & Grey in Colorado Springs, we offer several ways to save on our med spa services! Our services include treatments for the face and body such as Botox and Dysport injectables, laser skin treatments for services like hair removal and sun damage relief, facials, peels, and more.

It is our mission to bring our lovely community of Colorado Springs the education and accessibility of self-care to all. However, we understand the price tags can quickly add up. Pampering ourselves can often be overlooked as we have busy schedules, other bills, and to-do lists that consume most of our time. But we are here to remind you that occasionally pampering yourself is well worth the time and money! To help with the money aspect, we offer a few different ways to save on our wellness and beauty services.

Read more in this blog about the med spa discounts, skin treatment packages, and more ways to save.

1. Save During Your Entire Birthday Month

We love to celebrate YOU all month long! During the month in which your birthday fall, take advantage of our special birthday pricing at Blush & Grey. For example, if your birthday falls in January, you pay less on what you buy during the entire month of January!

Our special birthday pricing includes the following:

  • $9.99 Botox
  • $4 Dysport
  • 20% off products
  • 20% off services
  • 20% off packages bought
  • 10% off 1 syringe of filler

*Discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or applied to past and future appointments, services, or products.

As we reach our birthdays every year, our bodies are aging. Face and body treatments like those we offer at our med spa in Colorado Springs can help reduce the aging affects. The injections we administer, like Botox, are applied directly under the skin. This is a common procedure for anti-aging as it forces the muscles in your face to relax.

ways to save at blush and grey

Every time we smile, talk, or laugh, our faces are using muscles that contract. Over years and years of these muscles contracting, wrinkles and other skin changes begin to appear. Your birthday month is the best time to celebrate you without the effects of aging! Injections like Botox can help reduces these effects, making your skin smooth and look youthful again. The birthday month special we offer at Blush & Grey is one of the best med spa discounts around!

2. Blush & Grey Memberships

Do you want a professional beauty treatment on a schedule but are finding yourself on a budget this time of year? Our memberships at Blush & Grey in Colorado Springs is for you! Find several ways to save and incredible med spa discounts and perks in our memberships. We offer two levels of memberships to choose from to keep our services accessible for all! Our skin treatments are a popular service and included in each membership tier. Find the details and prices of each Blush & Grey membership level in the following list:

Grey Members

Grey Members of our med spa in Colorado Springs get a great deal at an affordable price! For $99 per month, these members get our med spa discounts to include:

  • 10% off chemical peels and products
  • 10% off products
  • $10.50/unit of Botox
  • $4.25/unit of Dysport

Blush Members

Blush Members take it up a notch with this monthly membership to our med spa in Colorado Springs. For $199 per month, the med spa discounts in this membership include:

  • 10% off services (lasers, facials, peels, microneedling)
  • 10% off products
  • $30 off 1 syringe of filler*
  • $9.99/unit of Botox
  • $4.00/unit of Dysport

A few details to know about our memberships and ways to save at Blush & Grey are that each of the memberships described above require a 4-month commitment upon initial registration.  Another thing to know about our memberships is that the money you pay every month will stay in your account and can be used on products or services! This means every dollar you spend on your membership at Blush & Grey is used towards your skin treatments and more. For example, if you pay $199 per month for our Blush Member tier but do not come in for four months, your account will accumulate $796. The accumulated amount will remain in your account for you to use when you are ready!

View our full agreement documents on our Memberships Page. If med spa services are new to you but you are looking for the best ways to save on these treatments, we are happy to get you started on the path right for you and your skin! Book your complimentary skincare, laser, or injection consultation with one of our experienced and caring providers by calling us at (719) 728-2878.

3. Use the Alle App

Blush & Grey is a certified partner with Allē Brands! With the Allē app on your smartphone, you can track points on each purchase you make of Botox, fillers, facials, and laser appointments. Just let us know you are an Allē member and we will be happy to apply points to your next purchase. With every 100 points in our Allē account, you earn $10 towards a product or treatment.